It's not easy dropping children off at preschool and letting them "grow and learn" in someone else's company. That's the feeling I got three years ago when I enrolled my first son in preschool at a four room, forty children facility. This year was different for me as I was looking to register my middle child in preschool. My priority was not necessarily academics but rather I wanted a safe and secure environment where my child will develop a love for learning. Sweet Peaz has provided that for both my daughter and I. My mind was at ease the first time I walked through the doors at Sweet Peaz in September 2008. The teachers greeted every student on their knees and for familiar students even offered a huge hug. This type of "homey" environment is just what Riley and I wanted to make the transition into school extra special. Vicki brings a warmth to her teaching that only a mother could with her patience and Jodi exuberates energy in every direction with her laugh. Together they provide the perfect package - experience, knowledge, creativity and most importantly a love for teaching. As we enter 2009 I will be signing my youngest son up for the two day program at Sweet Peaz and I have to say I'm not one bit anxious. Colin has participated in several events throughout his sister's year at Sweet Peaz and the teachers have made an extra effort to get to know him through play during drop off and pickup. It should be the beginning of another great year and we are looking forward to it.

Ms. Vickie and Ms. Jodi are a dynamic duo! Their personalities compliment each other with Ms. Vickie’s approach more calm, warm and loving and Ms. Jodi’s is full of energy, laughter and love. It has been a pleasure to have my daughter attend Sweet Peaz. She always comes home with so much to say about how much fun they had that day. Arts and crafts, music and playing outside are her highlights. We love the physical space of the preschool too. It is clean, open, bright and full of fun, educational and age appropriate items fro the children to engage in.
Thanks again for all that you do.
God bless you both!

We moved from Bath this summer and had to switch preschools in the process. Lily was so attached to her friends and teachers in Bath that we were really concerned about going to a new school. Then we found SweetPeaz! We have been so happy with SweetPeaz that I can’t imagine her going anywhere else. Viki and Jodi are so nice to the kids, they do so much fun and educational activities, and the space is nice, clean, and kid friendly. My favorite thing about SweetPeaz, however, is their dedication to outdoor play and movement which is really missing from other schools. I can’t tell you how happy we are with the school.

As a parent and educator, I could not be more pleased with our son’s experience at SweetPeaz. Jodi and Vicki are phenomenal teachers; their approach to preschool is very child centered and they are so nurturing. I am impressed with all of the individual attention they can give my son due to the small class size. And I LOVE how they take the children outside nearly everyday! Great communication, such a beautiful and stimulating classroom, a convenient drop-off and pick-up procedure...I could go on about what an incredible school it is! You really need to check it out for yourself!

Our son Anibal’s emotional and intellectual growth during this year at SweetPeaz - his first year at a preschool outside of home - has been remarkable. And what is most significant is that this growth has come smoothly during a year or tremendous transition for our family as I have shifted from full-time mothering and schooling of my children to part-time work. Our entire family thanks Vicki and Jodi for taking on the co-task of truly caring for our “chiquitin”, our “little one.” Every afternoon when I ask “How was school?,” I have heard something (a detail on how the teachers helped with a “problem,” or of an art piece he worked on, or a game he played with somebody) that has reassured this overly vigilant mother that someone else can help with this precious job she was so reluctant to share with anybody.
Though Anibal will very often complain and grumble about the prospect of leaving home for school, he has always returned home with an acknowledgement that “it was fun.” That response alone, especially given Anibal’s particularly strong attachment to our family life and present resistance to structure and schooling in general, has to be, I think, the litmus test that any parent can feel fully satisfied with. A fun day at pre-school means an A+ for the teachers. As a parent-educator and former pre-school teacher myself, I know how much work, how much care and know-how needs to be there for things to be “fun” for all kids in a group of this age. My hats off to Vicki and Jodi for doing this day after day after day!!!

I have witnessed my children grow and blossom with Jodi and Vicki over the years. Their nurturing, complimentary styles encouraged my children to develop stronger social, emotional, creative, and physical skills, and ease the trials and tribulations of being a parent. At SweetPeaz the kids have always had an abundance of stimulating activities. Science experiments like following tadpoles and monarch butterflies development, owls being brought to the classroom, field trips to farms and apple orchards, have helped spark their interest in the world around them. The outside play and social interaction have readied them for full day classes. I can’t say enough about how wonderful of an experience SweetPeaz has been for our family. Thank you for all that you do.

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